He’s a hacker. A criminal.
A thief who takes whatever he wants.
And he wants me.

I can’t resist him, no matter how different we are.
I’m a soldier, torn apart by duty and desire.
He’s a drifter, destined to break both of our hearts.

I should end it. Tragedy follows me wherever I go, but it’s too easy to lose myself in him.
To cling to his wicked smile.
To get tangled-up in his warm sheets.
All because I’m broken. Inside and out.

He should end it. He should put us out of our misery, but he won’t.
He’s broken, too.

Broken Love


Killer Love, #4
Series with cliffhangers. Must be read in order.

Release Date:

October 8, 2019

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This title was originally published as Love and Wargames by Tabatha Kiss.

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