The heart wants what the heart wants.
And mine really wants to get me in trouble.

Archer Allen, the blond-haired, blue-eyed bounty hunter.
He’s ruthless and dangerous, but so am I.
I’m the assassin sent to take him out.

Nothing gets between me and my target.
I do a job. I get paid. I move on.
But this time…

Archer’s turning out to be more trouble than he’s worth.
He’s handsome and charming enough to make me hesitate.
He’s sly and seductive enough to get me in his bed. A lot.

But my life is on the line with this job. My brothers, too.

It doesn’t matter what my heart wants.
I have to pull the trigger before it’s too late…

Before he breaks me completely.

Mad Love


Killer Love, #5
Series with cliffhangers. Must be read in order.

Release Date:

October 29, 2019

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This title was originally published as Hard Bounty by Tabatha Kiss.

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